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Hello Girl (2023)

Hello Girl boxart

Have you ever felt like a rabbit with a telephone? Ana is a telephone operator. Her work used to be a respectable profession... but this is a world of progress, and the old must give way to the new...

Hello Girl is a visual novel, created for VN CUP #2, a visual novel jam/competition that lasted for two months. The theme was "any flavor of trans, queer & gendery nature". We won the "Diamond Heart Prize", which is the grand prize of the competition.

The game was released a few days after the competition ended, giving us some extra time to patch things up for a 1.0. We continued to update the game with small patches for a few weeks after release, and a final big update with an epilogue that concludes the Hello Girl story.

The game was created by a core-team of three people, with additional featured musical guests

  • merilynn f. paisley - project director, lead writer, programming, sfx work
  • Mentha Nolana - art, writing, editing
  • mara esper welsley - music, sfx, additional writing, editing
  • Naja D'egoutter - music
  • Kalibration - music

We have written about the development of Hello Girl in our individual blogs.


Hello Girl is availible at

The original soundtrack for Hello Girl is availible on Bandcamp