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Imo Team is a visual novel doujin circle founded in 2023. We operate as a collective under the legal entity IMO TEAM LLC, which was founded in 2024.

Our mascot is called Chuuni Daoist girl, who you can see on the side of this page. (Unless you're on a smaller screen...) She represents youthful energy and the pursuit of immortality!


We have been here since the beginning. Writes & directs. Usually calls the shots.

Meri's self portrait


de-facto leader & "creative director" of the group. master of no particular skill but dabbles in most. foley master. likes worldbuilding, music recently. good at motivating people and bringing ideas to light. is out to finish what she started.

Mentha's self portrait


drawer. sometimes writer, too. but shes always drawing. why is she doing that? it's a little scary. one time she told me that rabbits have been seen eating humans

Mara's self portrait


in-house music girl and writer. perpetually new to this. calls the sound dimension home, but recent interests also include drawing and coding. likes to read and think and wander. loves the wind and the trees. forever shifting and mutating.


These members have joined us along the way, and contribute to projects big and small.

tripl3baka's self portrait


a real life slime-cat. doesnt know how to read, but helps with the tunes!

SoapDrip's self portrait


musician 3/4, so f**ing ready to make a music.

Rin's self portrait


just a musician passing by, and some other things also. won't you lend me your robe of moss?

Support team


Maillards's self portrait

Maillard Mildew

huh... what? i don't know what a doujins is.
i just help out with the mail...